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Travel is Freedom! Share your knowlege!

Travel is Freedom. 

The government response to covid battered the world economy, shutting borders and bars, and wiped out millions of places we loved.  To find real fun again, we need your groovy.guide! 

We need you to direct travelers to places you cherish (that made it), and to support new places too.  

This is your chance to share your intimate knowledge of your town, neighborhood, street, as if you were telling your best friend where to go. 

It's your chance to be a travel writer/blogger/host, and maybe, earn some money for your efforts*. 

For me, the Founder of Groovy Map, I want to build a community of like-minded travelers, or generate person-to-person exchanges that enhance a visit.   I’ll share my favorites if you’ll show me yours!   -- Aaron Frankel, aka Mr. Groovy

*The option to earn donations of $1,3, 5 etc., and link your Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc for fame and fortune may/will come when we have enough mass to justify all the extra programming costs!   Thanks for participating. 

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