A Groovy Day

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A Groovy Day should be a fun-filled day if you had the money of Midas, and the stamina of a teen! 

You don’t have to start it off with breakfast or a leisurely brunch.  It could be a workout, a run, a walk along a beach or through a park.  It’s your idea of a Groovy day to share with us.  

An easy way to write it, is to look through your Groovy.Guide already written, and pick out 3 or 4 of your top eating and drinking venues, a choice or two from Groovy Pampering or Culture Vultures, and estimate the time it would realistically take to go from one to another (a little poetic license is allowed, as it is highly unlikely that one could really do ALL the things you suggest for a single 24 hour period!).  

Here’s a sample from Groovy Bali (3rd Edition): 

8am: Start the day off with a big breakfast at Cafe Seminyak before heading straight to the beach and donning my board shorts to hang ten with the guys at the Rip Curl School of Surf. Half-day lessons for beginners (that's me).

Noon: Exhausted but exhilarated, I'm ready for a massive lunch at Zanzibar overlooking Legian Beach.

1:30 pm: Having staved my appetite, it's off to the Body Works Spa for a couple of hours getting pummeled into a lump of goo.

3:30pm: Off to that massive warehouse, Geneva Handicrafts, to buy all the doodads I didn't get a chance to pick up earlier. Wooden foot soak bowls, carved stone water features; lots of great gifts for Aunt Barbara and Great-uncle Stu!

6pm: Back to the hotel for a quick change before racing off to catch the sunset with a cold drink in my hand at La Lucciola’s Frangipani Bar, where the beach setting by the old Pettitenget Temple is awesome. 

8 pm: Dinner at Naughty Nuri's to pig out over the best ribs in town. 

10 pm: Off to Ku De Ta where I can lounge on the patio overlooking the ocean, sip a deadly cocktail, nibble a tapas, and ogle pretty people strutting their stuff.  Sure, I fit right in here.

Midnight: Bali doesn't go to bed till dawn, so I'm off to the Kuta strip for a bit of action (just for a look-see, really).  I note Sky Garden is pretty happening at 1 am...

3 am: ZZZzzzzzz

Write your own groovy.guide

The original maps promised "Fun Mapped Out!™" and that's still something to shoot for. 

Have a favorite hangout to share? 

This is your opportunity to shine, develop appreciative fans, and maybe even some moola (at a later stage)! 

To make a groovy.guide, all you need are 20-30 places, so spend a weekend creating and contributing your masterpiece, and help fellow travelers find the fun! 

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